High safety

V70 is designed with indigenously-developed patented software and hardware architecture and security mechanisms, and has passed high level PCI certification and China UnionPay PIN certification as well as EMV L1 / L2 certification and China UnionPay network access certification with optional E2EE technology and others, to adequately protect information security of  businesses and reduce transaction-related risks.

Broader industrial applications

Designed for mobile businesses, V70 can be comfortably held and easily carried. This terminal features wireless communication options including GPRS, WIFI, BT and others, allowing  you to deliver products and service to customers anytime and anywhere. No matter where you are, for example, in a restaurant, stadium or taxicab, even at the door of your customer, V70 helps you quickly and easily interact with your customer and complete financial payment.

Superior quality and high reliability

Aisino's terminals have been produced with ISO9001 certified processes and effective internal controls for quality management, to ensure high quality of products. There are more than 300,000 Aisino devices installed around the world, and we have maintained low MTBF, DoA and return rate.

Safe and open Linux operating system

V70-B uses the open-source Linux operating system, which features security, openness and flexibility. Its hierarchical software architecture and modular application development allows simple and efficient development of upper layer application software as well as a variety of value-added applications.


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